Chapter 8: RewriteMap

The RewriteMap directive gives you a way to call external mapping routines to simplify a RewriteRule. This external mapping can be a flat text file containing one-to-one mappings, or a database, or a script that produces mapping rules, or a variety of other similar things. In this chapter we’ll discuss how to use a RewriteMap in a RewriteRule or RewriteCond.

Creating a RewriteMap

The RewriteMap directive creates an alias which you can then invoke in either a RewriteRule or RewriteCond directive. You can think of it as defining a function that you can call later on.

The syntax of the RewriteMap directive is as follows:

RewriteMap MapName MapType:MapSource

Where the various parts of that syntax are defined as:


The name of the 'function' that you’re creating


The type of the map. The various available map types are discussed below.


The location from which the map definition will be obtained, such as a file, database query, or predefined function.

The RewriteMap directive must be used either in virtualhost context, or in global server context. This is because a RewriteMap is loaded at server startup time, rather than at request time, and, as such, cannot be specified in a .htaccess file.

Using a RewriteMap

Once you have defined a RewriteMap, you can then use it in a RewriteRule or RewriteCond as follows:

RewriteMap examplemap txt:/path/to/file/map.txt
RewriteRule ^/ex/(.*) ${examplemap:$1}

Note in this example that the RewriteMap, named 'examplemap', is passed an argument, $1, which is captured by the RewriteRule pattern. It can also be passed an argument of another known variable. For example, if you wanted to invoke the examplemap map on the entire requested URI, you could use the variable %{REQUEST_URI} rather than $1 in your invocation:

RewriteRule ^ ${examplemap:%{REQUEST_URI}}

RewriteMap Types

There are a number of different map types which may be used in a RewriteMap.


An int map type is an internal function, pre-defined by mod_rewrite itself. There are four such functions:


The toupper internal function converts the provided argument text to all upper case characters.

# Convert any lower-case request to upper case and redirect
RewriteMap uc int:toupper
RewriteRule (.*?[a-z]+.*) ${uc:$1} [R=301]


The tolower is the opposite of toupper, converting any argument text to lower case characters.

# Convert any upper-case request to lower case and redirect
RewriteMap lc int:tolower
RewriteRule (.*?[A-Z]+.*) ${lc:$1} [R=301]




A txt map defines a one-to-one mapping from argument to target.


A rnd map will randomly select one value from the specified text file.




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