This book is a work in progress, and I expect it to remain such for years to come. This is the place to check to see if you've purchased the latest version, and what changed from one version to another.

While the version number starts with 0.something, you can expect that there's quite a bit of work yet to do. Once it is 1.something, you can expect that changes will be fairly minor. I think. We'll see.


  • Standardize how we display example
  • Write mod_rewrite chapter(s)
  • Write mod_rewrite logging and debugging chapter
  • Write mod_rewrite examples chapter
  • Write Content Munging chapter
  • Write Conditional Configuration chapter
  • Provide issue tracker where people can log errata
  • Convert all LaTeX to RST
  • Verify all desired formats (pdf, html, epub)
  • Automated publishing tools
  • Asciidoctor-pdf doesn't do footnotes right. Either they need to fix this, or I need to remove all footnotes.
  • Update/Replace the second on regex testing tools, since these appear and vanish pretty quickly.


  • 0.00 Started March 7, 2013. Started TOC and a little of the initial text. Published HTML version to website at
  • 0.01 March 12, 2013. Initial publish to in Kindle form.
  • 0.02 March 18, 2013. Munged the TOC around a bit to make the chapters less crowded. Will end up with some sparse chapters initially. So what.
  • 0.03 March 18, 2013. Added a bunch about flags. Completed reorg of TOC. I hope.
  • ...
  • 0.12 April 16, 2013. Started RewriteMap stuff, and various other tweaks and fixes.
  • 0.15 August 10, 2013. Attended Flock. Decided to convert all LaTeX to rST instead. Many benefits, but quite a bit of work. Should have a rebuild in the next few days.
  • 0.20 August 12, 2013. Completed conversion from LaTeX to rST. I'm sure there's still some orts here and there, but it's good enough to tag.

  • 0.30 - Christmas 2017. Yet another conversion, this time, to ASCIIdoc. Borrowed tools and templates from to get started. Website has been moved to We'll start publising it there again once we have a shippable version.

  • 0.31 - Christmas 2018. Will the format changing never end? Converted to MarkDown and GitBook. But I'm starting to remember that I rejected GitBook because it doesn't seem like there's a way to generate an index easily.

  • 0.32 - The brief experiement with going back to Markdown abandoned, since Gitbook supports asciidoc. I'm going to focus on writing, and figure out indexing at some later date.

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